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My Mission


I once had the honor and pleasure of meeting Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Toni Morrison. We were backstage at a network television award show, where typically superficial conversations and rote platitudes are standard. I introduced myself to Ms. Morrison, and after discussing the business at hand, she politely asked me, "And what is your mission?". Surprised, I quickly went on to describe my job and purpose for being there. Without hesitation, Ms. Morrison said to me, “I am not asking about your duty today, I am asking about your mission in LIFE!”


I was astounded, dumbfounded, and stupefied. Instinctively, I  replied, “No one has ever asked me that before, and I haven’t put much thought into it. I don’t know what my mission is, but I will put some serious thought into it .  When I see you again, I will have your answer!” Her nod of approval and smile of confidence let me know without a doubt that I was on track.  That single encounter was life-defining.


Some seem to know from the womb what their mission is.  For the rest of us, learning one’s life mission is not something that just comes upon asking. It takes a collective reflection of one’s journey through life; education, experience, skills, interests, natural talents and gifts.  It takes meditation to find clarity about one’s mission and to visualize it.  And, it takes belief, confidence, dedication, flexibility and, I might add - prayer to achieve it.


My Mission

To serve God’s highest and best intention utilizing my given talents and acquired skills. and education. To continue my quest for personal excellence, while inspiring others to realize their own. To be a light on the pathways for individuals and groups so that they may connect to their Personal Greatness and Divine Purpose.


I specialize in uniting people with their Truth and mission in the world through Meditation, Affirmation, Prayer, Sound Healing, Drum/Music Circles, Laughter and Creativity. I am familiar with multiple faiths, theosophies and philosophies. I achieve my mission to prepare the world for the age of multi-faith spiritual harmony by integrating multiple modalities. I do this through diverse outlets which include live concerts, recordings, literature, podcasts, interviews and programs, group/individual facilitation and special events.

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