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 the Flow

My Philosophy

We are on a constant path of expansion. As we continue on Life’s Path, we gather experiences, skills, talents and educate ourselves in countless forums. The big question, “Why am I here?” may evade some, however, you have arrived on this site for a reason. There is something in you that is calling you to discover, clarify and serve your Life Mission. I firmly believe the quest to define the mission is part of THE Mission. To acheive our Mission, we are responsible to learn and know that in serving our Life Mission, we ultimately serve humanity.


Whether you are a homemaker or an astro physicist, your mission is nevertheless to serve. Perhaps your mission is to nurture and cultivate the next world prophet, or maybe, you are that prophet - still we serve humanity. Think of those whose greatness you admire. Each person, regardless of their lot in life, served humanity with their own unique characteristics and talents. A small-town merchant, who is compassionate and generous shines a light that extends beyond his physical borders. The urban teacher shines a world of possibilities to her students. A class valedictorian raises hopes and dreams for everyone within the sound of her voice. An entreprenuer continues the quest to produce a product that will improve our way of living.


There is greatness in us all and there is no exception to this. Rising to our greatness requires a change of course. When we branch off our path and elevate our consiousness, we begin to awaken to the possibilities. From there, we rise above the metaphorical fog that has clouded our vision and begin our respective rise to greatness. This is true for us all.


My Vision

I envision a world of peace and unity where everyone and everything is accepted, recognized and supported.

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