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Motivational Speaking and Facilitation Services created specifically to meet your personal or professional requirements.  Specializing in organic Soundscapes, Meditations, Drum Circles, Healing Music Circles,  amd Laughter Yoga.  Programs can be group specific for Seniors, Adults, Young Adults, Children, or a combination. 

Quartz Singing Crystal Bowls

Quartz crystal healing brings to you a physical, emotional and spiritual healing which very few alternate healing tools offer. Quartz is very pure in nature and gives off a rich and full-bodied tone that resonates with the deepest parts of the mind, body and soul. The meditative healing of a quartz crystal singing bowl resonates, expands and creates harmony. Meditation with the bowls nearly instantly reduce stress and tension and, create a relaxed and meditative state. It is from that point where healing the mind and body can begin. The ethereal field of vibration created by the quartz crystal bowls become carrier waves to align and balance on a cellular level.  Quartz crystal singing bowls enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation and bodywork. They are powerful for music therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places. Singing bowls enhance any meditation, ceremony, celebration or ritual.  They are also a perfect vibration for working in nature. 

For Special Events, Corporate Wellness Programs, Retreats, Meditation Centres, Spiritual Centers, Churches, Temples or Large Private Gatherings.

Please call or email for a quote.

Planetary Gong Journeys

The Gong is a doorway to the Unconscious mind. The Sound of the Gong carries the listener on a Journey much like the tides of the Ocean, where each wave returns and builds on the last, producing  new and intricate tones. The Sound becomes so complex, so unpredictably trans-linear the human mind is unable to categorize it, enabling the Listener to learn to Listen in a completely New Way. This Unlimited Sound Creates Light and Life,Vibrating the energy body on a molecular level. The gongs frequency releases  negative thought forms and allows the DNA to properly receive and transmit the Universal Cosmic Energy. The gong has the ability to open and align the Chakras and Energy Channels, allowing the Body, Mind and Spirit to Transform. This Ancient and Spiritual Gong meditation technique has been used for centuries to provide Clarity of Sacred Vision by cleansing the subconscious mind and strengthening the Auric field.  Lava creates transformational healing waves of sound in a way that soothe, inspire, and heal. The rising and falling rhythms, tones and vibrations transport listeners to higher realms creating a deep mental, emotional and physical alignment. Lava's Nibiru gong is tuned to the harmonics of the orbital properties of it's planet and other celestial bodies offering a gateway back to our natural state of connection with the physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. Participants have the option to sit in a chair or floor, or lie down and relax and let the healing and inspirational waves of beautiful vibrations wash away stress, anxiety, fatigue and sadness - leaving one feeling peaceful and uplifted.

Whether you are planning a Retreat, Ritual, Party, or Small Get-Together, consider adding the unique element of Sound Healing, Meditation, Laughter Yoga or Drumming as a highlight.  

Big or small, it's good for all!

Drum Circles


A fun and lively way to bring people together to connect through the timeless traditions of tribal drumming.  Circles include opening meditation, guided facilitation, upbeat movement and a cool-down segment.  Drums provided include Djembes, Talking Drums, Frame Drums , Hand Drums, Tom--Toms.  Many other percussion instruments are also provided for texture and accenting the rhythm.  A perfect activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Let's Drum Up Some Fun and Good Energy!

Laughter Yoga


Laughter has countless physical, mental, and social health benefits, and it's FUN! Laughter yoga is an organized way to get groups laughing together, for health and joy. It is a perfect activity for retreats, parties, special events, meetings, and any gathering where people want to wake up their inner child, get their creative juices flowing.  Laughter yoga is for all ages, mobility levels, and types of events. It's always a fun time, and people leave feeling energized and excited. Schedule your laughter yoga session today!

Let's Laugh and Let Go!

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