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Sound Healing & Meditation Services


Lava is available for individual, private sessions; small or large group events and public concerts.  Whether you are seeking to experience a personal Sound Journey, or you'd like to schedule a group event there are many inspiring options to choose from.  Service Fees are contingent upon your selection; travel beyond Los Angeles County and any load-in considerations and the set-up and take-down times. For booking information, please call 818-403-LAVA (5282)



Lava Bai's Sound Healing Concerts include therapeutic instruments from all over the world.  Concerts can be custom created to suit your event theme, or very organic and intuitive.  Choose from Quartz Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls; Gongs, Native American Flute, a myriad of Percussion instruments or combination.  All sound journeys can include a combination of instrumental modalities or specialized instrument.  The sounds and vibrations compliment one another and provide a relaxing, connective experience,  which, increases the body's ability to heal.  These concerts are a profound experience for mind, body, spirit and soul!



Delight your guests with an amazing Sound Journey; Drum Circle, Laughter Yoga Session or Healing Shower.  Offerings are custom tailored for your special event theme.  Your guests will be delighted and inspired from the experience.  Lava's custom offerings are suited to all levels of interest and abilities.  Whether to honor a loved-one; accent a Spiritual Celebration; or provide a unique and special feature to your Private Party, or Retreat,  Lava's offerings are a perfect compliment for your events. 



Corporate wellness programs that include meditation have been proven to increase individual productivity, creativity and functionality. Employees lead healthier lifestyles and become more knowledgeable and, have a beneficial impact on your bottom line. Meditation and Laughter are essential components for individual wellness as well as the corporate environment.  Lava Bai has over 15 years experience working with private companies as well as recovery and treatment and centers.  She has an extensive repertoire of themed meditations and activities to inspire and maintain mental and emotional health.   She can help you and your organization develop a custom wellness program suited to your organization's needs. By working  in partnership with corporate clients, Lava helps individuals and teams take full advantage of their unique capabilities in achieving superior results in their business and community. We will then work with you to coordinate cost-effective events that your employees will look forward to.

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